Rockrose, totally unrelated to the actual rose, is a small shrub native to the Mediterranean with flowers that look a bit like wild roses. In addition to the flowers, the sticky leaves of this plant exude a sweet smell which is reminiscent of sycamores in the rain. These plants are supposedly tolerant of drought, salt, etc, but i've had lots die seemingly randomly after growing fine for a few years. I suspect their roots are subject to disease. Nevertheless, they are good for mediterranean climate areas and worth a try, especially if you live in a fire-prone area - they are quite fire resistant.

Rock"rose` (?), n. Bot.

A name given to any species of the genus Helianthemum, low shrubs or herbs with yellow flowers, especially the European H. vulgare and the American frostweed, H. Canadense.

Cretan rockrose, a related shrub (Cistus Creticus), one of the plants yielding the fragrant gum called ladanum.


© Webster 1913.

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