A city in the county of Berkshire, about 25 kilometres west of London on the river Thames. Population is approximately 60.000. "Maydenheth", as it was originally called was granted its first charter, by Queen Elizabeth I in 1582. The name is derived from a timber wharf built alongside the bridge between the city and South Aylington, across the Thames. It is from this New Wharf or Maiden Hythe that Maidenhead takes its name. The present spelling came in to use in 1724. Maidenhead is a popular place to live as one can reach London by rail in only 30 minutes and still live in a fairly "rural" community.

Maid"en*head (?), n. [See Maidenhood.]


The state of being a maiden; maidenhood; virginity.



The state of being unused or uncontaminated; freshness; purity.


The maidenhead of their credit. Sir H. Wotton.


The hymen, or virginal membrane.


© Webster 1913.

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