Metropolitan Area Exchange. Located in major urban areas, they are Network Access Points' big brothers. Typically a place where Internet backbones are routed.

A Norfolk, Virginia based pop punk band, with a lot of emphasis on pop. Currently have released one album, on Tooth and Nail records, titled Destination: Beautiful (recorded in a tool shed):

Track Listing:

1. Embers And Envelopes
2. This Time Is The Last Time
3. All Deliberate Speed
4. Runaway
5. Sun
6. Last Call
7. Skyline Drive
8. Soundtrack For Your Movie
9. Summertime
10. Giving It Away
11. Goodbye, Goodnight

I recommend Soundtrack For Your Movie for the excellent guitar riff at the end and Skyline Drive for the sheer beauty. Sounds like the more recent albums of Jimmy Eat World or Juliana Theory. Ozma too, perhaps.

Following this album, Mae has released a track titled Tisbury Lane, which is probably my favorite pure pop song released this decade. I have been having a pretty rough time here in my first year at college and hearing it live restored my faith in the notion that music can be therapeutic. If you have never heard of Mae, I urge you to see them live when they come to your town; I envy you just because I'd love to be able to hear them for the first time again. Tisbury Lane is available for free download(legal!) on

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