A county in England, the northern half of East Anglia, the southern half being Suffolk. Its county town is Norwich. It is largely flat and very wet, being predominantly fenland, and abutting the North Sea. The inland waterways that wind through this are called the Norfolk Broads.

It contains Sandringham, one of the royal residences. George VI was born here. The port of Great Yarmouth stands on the Yare, the main river, which flows through Norwich, and in the west of the county the Ouse reaches the Wash, an arm of the North Sea, at King's Lynn. It has an area of about 5000 km2. The highest point is only 100 m high. The name of Norfolk (the north folk of the East Angles) is first recorded in 1043.

The coast is prized for its birdlife, and much of it is protected by the National Trust. This means it's dull, windswept, and stinging, but does give good bird. The stately home at Felbrigg is also National Trust, a Jacobean house filled with artworks collected on the Grand Tour, by people with no taste at all. All the walls are covered with tiresome poor-quality paintings with no sense of order whatsoever, well I thought so.

Nor"folk (?), n.

Short for Norfolk Jacket.


© Webster 1913

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