Sexy poet who fronts Soul Coughing. He takes influence from, amoungst others, Alan Dugan (his song lyrics end up sounding more like Dugan than his poetry) and Sekou Sundiata, the latter of whom he studied under at Eugene Lang College of NYC's New School. His first name is Michael, but you can call him Doughty.

Now that Soul Coughing is officially no more, Doughty spends his time solo gigging, visiting Southeast Asia and writing for various periodicals - he's recently written for the New York Press both under his own name and as Dirty Sanchez. He recently released an acoustic LP, Skittish, which was recorded in 1995 or '96 and was produced by oldschool indie rock legend Kramer (not the guy from Seinfeld).

Doughty also now runs his own discussion board at

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