Shades Apart

Ed Brown - Drums
Mark V. - Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Lynch - Bass, Vocals
Base of Operation: - Bridgewater, NJ

Shades Apart can't be categorized under any one music genre, but their music is a little bit of new wave, poppy stuff they listened to as early teens with the energy and rougher guitar sound of punk. The band started touring between the fall of '95 and the summer of '97 across the U.S. and Canada. They teamed up with a string of independent record labels to distribute their propaganda, most recently Revelation Records in California, known for its hardcore/punk roster. After a brief jaunt in Europe in the fall of '97, they teamed up with Universal Records.


01 - Edge of the Century
02 - Sputnik
03 - Stranger by the Day
04 - Valentine
05 - One Hundred Days
06 - Chasing Daydreams
07 - Know it All
08 - Time Machine
09 - Second Chances
10 - Gabrielle
11 - Starry Night
12 - Speed of Light

Universal Records 1999
Produced by Lou Giordano
Engineered by Mike Fraser
Mixed By Lou Giordano and Shades Apart
"Stranger By The Day" Mixed by Andy Wallace
Recorded at Dreamland Studio, West Hurley NY
Mixed at Quad Studios, NYC
Asst Engineer at Dreamland: Sue Kappa
Asst Engineer at Quad Studios Bill Importico
Drum Technician: Carl Plaster
Additional Mixing at Girandando's Disco
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jenson
Cover Layout and Design by Shepard Fairey at Black Market Visual Communication
Band photo by Sam Erickson
All Music Published By Shades Apart Music (BMI)/EMI Blackwood Inc. (BMI)

Seeing Things:
01 - Cathode
02 - Fearless
03 - Second Chances
04 - Hiding Place
05 - Getting Over It
06 - Not The Same
07 - Behind The Wheel
08 - Seeing Things
09 - Turn It Back Around
10 - Trying To Remember
11 - Fist

Revelation Records 1997
Produced and Engineered by Bill Stevenson, Stephen Egerton and Jason Livermore
Recorded and Mixed at The Blasting Room, Ft Collins Colorodo
Cover Layout and Design by John LaCroix
Band Photo By Ken Salerno

Save It:
01 - Menace
02 - Gun
03 - Weight of Years
04 - Monster
05 - Secret Life
06 - Way Out
07 - Nothing's Real
08 - September Burns
09 - Brutus

Revelation Records 1995
Recorded at Trax East, South River NJ
Produced and Engineered by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton
Additional Engineering by Eric Rachel and Steve Evetts
All Songs by Shades Apart except "Tainted Love" by Ed Cobb
Cover Artwork by J.D. Guerriero
Band Photos by Ben Stechschulte

01 - Calling
02 - Comet
03 - Visitor
04 - Dead Before I'm Gone
05 - Lullabye
06 - Neon
07 - Good Luck Charm
08 - The Tilt

Skene! Records
Produced By Shades Apart and Eric Rachel
Recorded at Trax East, South River NJ in May 1993
Engineered By Eric Rachel
Cover Layout and Design by mjl3 and Designstein

Dude Danger:
01 - Dude Danger
02 - Strange Lightning
03 - Surface Tension
04 - Rut
05 - Christmas Lights

Recorded by Eric Rachel at Trax East
Cover and insert photo by Sharon Thompson
Back cover photo by Will Harrison
Insert Band photo by Ken Salerno
Materials copyright 1991 by Shades Apart
Available as a Vinyl EP Only
Re-released as the Bonus Tracks on the Shades Apart Self Titled re-release

Shades Apart:
01 - On the Inside
02 - We Believe
03 - Black and White
04 - Dark Days
05 - Heaven Falls
06 - Stormclouds
07 - Shadow Of A Cross
08 - Away
09 - Older Now
10 - Remember When
11 - Come Of Age
12 - Cold War

Wishingwell Records 1988
Recorded at Inner Ear Studio in Febuary 1988
Engineered by Don Zientara and Eli Janney
Produced By Shades Apart and Wattage in July 1988
Cover Painting By Dave Cochran

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