On November 6, 2002, Luxair Flight 9642 (also known as Lufthansa Flight 2420) was en route from Berlin's Tempelhof Airport to Findel Airport in Luxembourg. At approximately 10:10am local time, the plane crashed along the Trêves Highway in Niederanven, just six nautical miles short of Findel's Runway 24. There was no indication of trouble from recent radio contact, but the area was covered in dense fog. Later investigation of the flight data recorder indicated power had cut off, and that at the moment of impact the engines were not receiving any power.

The airplane was a Fokker F-50 that began service in July 1991. On board were nineteen passengers - German, French, and Luxembourgish - and three crew members (all Luxembourgish), and when emergency responders reached the scene there were five survivors. Three died en route to the hospital, leaving just the captain and a French passenger alive from the twenty-two on board.

Luxair immediately began to reach out to the families of the victims, establishing special hotline numbers for both families and the media. Later that evening, a plane carried passengers from Berlin to Luxembourg, and the day after the accident, families were allowed to visit the site of the crash. When the state's Ministry for Interior Affairs released the bodies of the victims, Luxair assisted the next-of-kin with transporting them home. The company's insurer, Deutscher Luftpool, promised each family would receive approximately 20,000 Euros in about two weeks. Memorial services were held on the very next Sunday at the Luxembourg City Cathedral, and then the following Wednesday at Berlin's Gedächtniskirche.

Both survivors were badly injured, and immediately entered surgery upon arrival at the hospital. Within a couple of days, the passenger's condition had improved and the captain was listed as stable; both were still in the Intensive Care Unit. In addition to medical care, they also received psychological counseling, which was also available to the families and to any Luxair employees that desired it.

List of Victims
Günther Bock (German)
Joachim Charle (German)
Jürgen Herman (German)
Josef Heiber (German)
Markus Klann (German)
Olaf Knispel (German)
Marcus Kuhn (German)
Dieter Leiber (German)
Michel Majerus (Luxembourgish)
Kristine Olinger (Luxembourgish)
Jörg Oltmanns (German)
Michael Petzhold (German)
Ulrich Pietsch (German)
Siegfried Scheef (German)
Alexandre Schmoll (German)
Robert Schriever (German)
Lothar Spizter (German)
Claude Thenus (French)

John Arendt (Luxembourgish - pilot, buried in Luxembourg on November 13, 2002)
Paula Dos Reis (Luxembourgish - flight attendant, buried in Portugal on November 12, 2002)

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