Hailing from finland, this pop-metal outfit seem to be the best driving music around, providing you don't mind picking up a few speeding tickets. Or while playing some of their slower, more melancholy songs, wanting to slowly curve off of the road.

After having trouble with their vocalist in late 2001/early 2002 and losing Tanya, but eventually picking up Tanja for the new album and single, currently being produced by Spinefarm records. Casual listeners will hardly notice a difference between the vocies of the new and old Tanya/Tanja, as like their names, their voices are very similar.

Previously known as Coarse during the mid to late 90's, they released a few EPs, changed their named to Lullacry, and released their debut full length "Sweet Desire" on Heart, Trust and respect Records. Then the group caught the eye of Spinefarm Records exectuives, which ended up giving them a record deal for the latest two full length albums.

Sweet Desire (1999)
Be My God (2001)

Tanja (vocals)
Sami Vaulonen (lead guitar)
Sauli Kivilahti (guitar)
Heavy (bass)
Jukka Outinen (drums)

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