Metal for the Masses Vol. 3

This two disc CD compilation is a great introduction to the uninitiated into some of today's metal bands. This hard core music is from a general cross section of the metal genre. Most of the selections fall into the death metal category. Some exceptions are Lacuna Coil and Lullacry which could be described as goth metal. Devilinside, Hanoi Rocks, and Dream Evil are in the Heavy Metal group. I won't pretend to know the specific sub-genres of metal music. I would just disappoint some of the hardcore fans while the non-metallic listeners probably don't care. Some of the reviews I've read contradict one another and each album of songs could cover several genres. Metal for the Masses Vol. 3 is economically priced at $5.99, plus your local sales tax, and S & H if you order through the mail from Century Media. I've discovered that some of the songs are available online for free.

I bought Metal for the Masses Vol.2 last year for less than $5.00 at Hot Topic. It was a 2 disc set. One was the standard twenty song CD, the second disc was an MP3 disc with about 150 songs. I haven't even listened to all of it yet. Unlike Vol. 3 which gives you one song only from 40 different bands, Vol. 2 would give you as many as 5 or 6 songs from one band. What a deal. It's probably a promotional ploy by Century Media but it's still a good value. I got to hear bands I'd never heard of and some that I heard of but not their music. The next thing I know I'm running out to buy a new CD.

When Vol. 3 came out I grabbed it off the shelf without hesitation. I still wonder if there is a Vol. 1. out there. I've heard of third world countries and world superpowers but why don't we hear about second world countries? Without further digression here is a list of the 40 songs:

Disc 1

  1. Shadows Fall - "What Drives the Weak" Edit
    from the album The War Within band is from Boston

  2. The Haunted - "All Against All"
    from the album Revolver, band is from Gothenburg, Sweden

  3. Heaven Shall Burn - "The Weapon They Fear"
    from the album Antigone, band is from Weimar, Germany

  4. Diecast - "Medieval"
    from the albumTearing Down your Blue Skies, band is from Boston

  5. God Forbid - "Gone Forever"
    from the album Gone Forever, band is from New Jersey

  6. Dark Tranquillity - "Lost To Apathy"
    from the album Character, band is from Gothenburg, Sweden

  7. Arch Enemy - "Dead Eyes (See No Future)"
    from the album Anthems of Rebellion, band is from Gothenburg, Sweden

  8. Carnal Forge - "The Strength of Misery"
    from the album Aren't You Dead Yet?, band is from Stockholm, Sweden

  9. Bloodbath - "Outnumbering the Day"
    from the album Nightmares Made Flesh, band is from Stockholm, Sweden

  10. Krisiun - "Hateful Nature"
    from the album Bloodshed, band is from Sao Paulo

  11. Impaled - "Mondo Medicale" Rough Mix
    from the album Death After Life, band is from Oakland, CA

  12. Nightrage - "Frozen" (Rough Mix)
    from the album Decent into Chaos, band is from Gothenburg, Sweden

  13. Borknager - "Sealed Chamber of Electricity"
    from the album Epic, band is from Bergen, Norway

  14. Into Eternity - "Spiraling into Depression"
    from the album Buried in Oblivion, band is from Regina, Canada

  15. Extol - "Gloriana"
    from the album unreleased, band is from Oslo, Norway

  16. Eyes of Fire - "Fly Away"
    from the album Ashes to Embers, band is from Orange County, CA

  17. Lacuna Coil - "Daylight Dancer" (Edit)
    original version from the album Comalies, band is from Milan

  18. Lullacry - "Pitch Black Emotions"
    from the album Crucify My Heart, band is from Helsinki, Finland

  19. Orphaned Land - "Ocean Land"
    from the album Mabool, band is from Tel Aviv, Israel

  20. Dream Evil - "The Book of Heavy Metal" (Edit)
    original version from the album The Book of Heavy Metal, band is from Gothenburg, Sweden

Disc 2

  1. Glass Casket - "In Between the Sheets"
    from the album We are Gathered Here Today..., band is from Raleigh, NC

  2. Devilinside - "34 Months for Nothing"
    from the album Volume One, band is from Minneapolis, MN

  3. Bleeding Kansas - "Can't Help You There"
    from the album 1859, band is from Burbank, CA

  4. Burnthe8track - "Two Worlds Apart"
    from the album The Ocean, band is from Winnipeg

  5. Caliban - "The Beloved and the Hated"
    from the album The Opposite from Within, band is from Dortmund, Germany

  6. In Flames - "Touch of Red"
    from the album Soundtrack to Your Escape, band is from Gothenburg, Sweden

  7. Mnemic - "Deathbox"
    from the album The Audio Injected Soul, band is from Aarhus, Denmark

  8. Agnostic Front - "Peace"
    from the album Another Voice, band is from New York City

  9. Death Angel - "Prophecy"
    from the album The Art of Dying, band is from San Francisco, CA

  10. Exodus - "War is My Shepard"
    from the album Tempo of the Damned, band is from San Francisco, CA

  11. Behemoth - "Conquer All"
    from the album Demigod, band is from Gdansk, Poland

  12. Incantation - "Dying Divinity"
    from the album Decimate Christendom, band is from Johnstown, PA

  13. Immolation - "Swarm of Terror"
    from the album Harnessing Ruin, band is from Yonkers, NY

  14. Internal Bleeding - "Hate Fuel"
    from the album Onward to Mecca, band is from Long Island, NY

  15. Jungle Rot - "Face Down"
    from the album Fueled by Hate, band is from Kenosha, WI

  16. Nebula - "Carpe Diem"
    from the album Atomic Ritual, band is from Los Angeles

  17. The Hellacopters - "Carry Me Home"
    from the album By the Grace of God, band is from Stockholm, Sweden

  18. Hanoi Rocks - "People Like Me"
    from the album Twelve Shots on the Rocks, band is from Turku, Finland

  19. The Bones - "Do You Wanna"
    from the album Straight Flush Getto, band is from Stockholm, Sweden

  20. Crash Kelly - "She Gets Away"
    from the album Penny Pills, band is from Toronto, Canada

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