"The biggest waste of time to come out of the Carolinas since low tar cigarettes."
-T. James, country music fan

The music of The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (subsequently to be referred to as TFDQFP13) is a blend of horror/glam rock ala Alice Cooper and the death punk of The Misfits. A typical ditty interweaves such sunny themes as zombies, Saturday morning cartoons, gender confusion and bloody murder. I know what you're thinking... but don't. TFDQFP13 never take themselves too seriously. Their BDSM shtick is indeed tongue-in-cheek, as they laugh at the goth subculture in songs like "The Wolfman Stole My Baby!" and "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun".

TFDQFP13 was conjured up sometime in the mid 90’s by Wednesday 13, the band's lead singer/songwriter and chief crossdresser. Their first album "The Late, Late, Late Show", was independently financed by the band and released in 1996 on Uncle Goddamn Records. Two years later, after gaining some local notoriety, the band unleashed their sophomore effort "Night of the Living Drag Queens". After two years of touring small North American clubs, and some heavy member swapping, TFDQFP13 took a left turn from their earlier glam efforts and offered up "Songs from the Recently Deceased", a record that sounds like The Dwarves gone vamp. On the heels of "Songs..." surfaced "Viva Los Violence", a paper mache alien baby filled with gummyworms. This album was to become their punk-faced and bloody-nosed swansong, however, as TFDQFP13 disbanded in May of 2002, to the dismay of undead proto-punks everywhere. Wednesday 13 departed the band to work with Joey Jordison and Tripp Eisen on another, equally demure project: Murderdolls.

"The most beautiful boys in dresses ever!"
-TFDQFP13 concert slogan

For you unfortunate souls who failed to catch TFDQFP13 live, you missed out on a band that served up thrills and rocked all asses properly. TFDQFP13 sported one hell of a stage presence, with gaudy outfits, fishnet stockings, clown make-up and phosphorescent wigs that made the members of Kiss look like your standard issue Des Moines sunday school teachers.

TFDQFP13's Members

Original incarnation:
Wednesday 13 –guitar, vocals
Syd – guitar
Seaweed – bass
Sicko Zero – drums

Final assemblage:
Wednesday 13 –guitar, vocals
ikky – guitar
it – bass
scabs – drums


    The Late, Late, Late Show - (Uncle Goddamn Records) 1996
  1. Blood, Feathers, Lipstick...the Monologue
  2. Galactic Chicken Shit
  3. Hit and Rape
  4. I Dismember Mama
  5. 197666
  6. God Damn I Am
  7. The Wolfman Stole My Baby
  8. 13th Commandment
  9. Bloodsuckers Anonymous
  10. Kill Miss America
  11. Count Down...Planet 13

    Night Of The Living Drag Queens - (Uncle Goddamn Records) 1998
  1. Mr. Motherfucker
  2. Twist My Sister
  3. Let's Go to War
  4. Die My Bride
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Scary Song
  7. Rambo
  8. I Love Me
  9. Full Metal Jackoff
  10. Crossdressing G.D.S.O.B.
  11. I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend
  12. STD's
  13. Motel Killafornia
  14. She's A Man
  15. Foot in Mouth
  16. Going to Hell

    Songs from the Recently Deceased - (I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records) - 2000
  1. Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
  2. Hooray for Horrorwood
  3. Creature from the Black Lagoon
  4. Oogie Boogie Baby Baby
  5. Monster Monster 13 Oh Yeah
  6. Rocketship Oddity
  7. Bride of Frankenstein
  8. Witch Is Dead
  9. Back in Blacula
  10. Last Halloween-The Story of Trick or Treat Pete
  11. I Was a Teenage Ghoul Scout
  12. Welcome to the Strange
  13. They Only Wanna Eat Your Brain
  14. Plan 9 from Outa Space
  15. Neon Black
  16. La for Lon Chaney, Jr.
  17. I Love to Say Fuck
  18. I Love to Say F--K (Evil DeadIted Radio Mix)

    Viva Los Violence - (I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records) 2001
  1. Viva Los Violence
  2. The Devil Made Me Do It
  3. Give Her To The Monsters
  4. Smother My Brother
  5. Planet Of The Apes
  6. Evil Is Good
  7. We Have To Kill You Now
  8. Kung Fu You
  9. Murder Pie
  10. Eat Drugs First
  11. Celebrity Skinned
  12. Dead And Breakfast
  13. Bark At The Moon
  14. Galactic Chicken Shit

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