Zombies, mummies, silverware, waterguns, weed-wackers, bazookas, and werewolves. These are just a few of the key elements from Konami’s best game ever, Zombies ate my Neighbors.

The game begins with two regular kids whose neighborhood seems to have become overrun with zombies, killer dolls, sea monsters, Martians, and pretty much every other major horror movie monstrosity. Playing as either child, (or both, with the help of a friend) you must make your way through 48 levels (not to mention the bonus stages!) of such monsters, rescuing your neighbors along the way.

Impossible, you say? Well, pretty much. Still, you don’t go at it empty-handed. There are a wide variety of weapons and special items scattered throughout the game, from your trusty squirtgun to tomatoes found in the produce isle of the local supermarket. Oh, and there are a few bazookas, Martian bubble-guns, and footballs scattered around, too. In addition to your formidable armament, special powerups are spread through the levels, like potions that turn your kid into “Ghost-Kid” (can’t be hurt, but can’t move any objects) and then the old dependable power-up, speed shoes.

However, as the title implies, you're not just out to save yourself; that would be too easy. You must rescue your hapless neighbors from every level, gaining points equivalent to the respective neighbor's seeming 'value'; a schoolteacher is worth ten points, while a cheerleader is worth a thousand.

Overall, though, great game. Probably at FunCoLand for cheaper than a new pair of socks, too.

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