Funcoland is quite possibly the haven of classic video games in the modern world. It is a national chain of video game resellers who carry both modern and used older console systems. Many a gem have been found there by scouting collectors, such as code shop prototypes, and unlicenced and pirate carts, considered very rare, and very valuable (not to mention quite an interesting peek into the video game underworld).

Funcoland has a reputation of being a love / hate place among collectors. The supplies and stock that the palce often has is amazing, with some great finds, but the help is often sub-gas station equivalent. "We don't have a bathroom", sort of help. Either way, i'd personally heavily endorse a trip there, whether to pick up a few old NES games at a few dollars a piece, or to see what sort of selection and old obscure controllers that are available. As far as for modern games are concerned, they are about the equivanet of an EB, or a Software, ETC.

Their commercials are particularly annoying, but these places basically advertise themselves on a store by store basis. They are like drug dealers: people know where to seek them out to find what they are looking for, but you wont just stumble across one too often. Give them a try, but unlike the previous example, the first one is not free ;)

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