Cat Women of the Moon: 64 minutes/Black & White/1953/NR

During a lost age of campy sci-fi movies and the lost age of 3-D movies, "Cat Women of the Moon" sprang up. From the start, Moon Rocket 4 was doomed. En route to the moon, it runs directly into a meteor shower! Things get even worse once they make it to the surface. Helen (Marie Windsor) mysteriously gets deja vu. In a trance, she leads the crew into an underground, air-filled cavern filled with mutated, man-eating spiders and feline seductresses in black. The Cat Women are great hosts...or are they just trying to get the crew's trust? One by one, the crew are lured to their deaths by the desire they are most vulnerable to. And what about Helen's strange visions? Can Moon Rocket 4 possibly escape the Cat Women???

Starring Victor Jory, Sonny Tufts, and Marie Windsor.
Music by Elmer Bernstein, makeup by Harry Thomas.
Special effects by Al Zimbalist and Jack Rabin.
Art directed by William Glasgow.
Screenplay by Roy Hamilton.
Produced by Al Zimbalist and Jack Rabin.
Directed by Arthur Hilton.

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