Los Aterciopelados is a Colombian-born band.

Originally called Delia Y Los Aminoacidos, the two founders (bassist-loop-programmer-guitarist-chorus Hector Buitrago and ultra skinny lead singer Andrea Echeverri) played in various bars of Bogotá for two years, and then changed their name to Aterciopelados.

In 1993 they launched their first record Con el Corazón en la Mano, which had moderate success in Colombia.

However, their first real breakthrough would come with their cd El Dorado, released a year later, which had less punk and more rock, and gave them such hits as Bolero Falaz and Florecita Rockera.

Thanks to this record they began touring all Latin America.

After their successful tour they released Pipa de la Paz in 1996, and in the same year recorded an Unplugged show for MTV.

1998 saw the release of Caribe Atómico, a more experimental cd with a lot of electronic sound influence.

In the year 2000 they release Gozo Poderoso, recorded in their native Bogotá, and also a double CD called Serie 2000 which compiles their greatest hits in one handy package. Gozo Poderoso is a cd where their style has clearly changed to include a mix of Salsa, rock, electronic and colombian folk music. Some of their songs have contributions by DJ David Fresh.

Apparently on November 2002 they released a new CD called Evolución, after a year of hiatus thanks to the lead singer's pregnancy. Her new daughter is called Milagros (Miracles).

(To be honest, I've not heard it.)

In an interview, they described themselves as "Enemies of clichés, influenced by world music".

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