A rather eccentric band that formed in 1996, the Lo Fidelity Allstars are best known for their hit song, "Battle Flag". The London-based band features performers with unique performance names and a style that is dominated by a distinctive set of vocals and heavy mixing.

After some small gigs in London, the Allstars were signed by Skint Records. They toured as a support band for 18 Wheeler. In 1997, they released their debut single, "Kook Rok Bass". Their debut album, How to Operate with a Blown Mind, was released on May 25, 1998. In late 1998, two band members left the Allstars due to musical and personal differences.

Band Lineup:

(Pre-December, 1998):

Wrekked Train: (Dave) Vocals and lyrics
Albino Priest: (Phil) Decks and samples
Sheriff Jon Stone: (Matt) Keyboards and scrapper
The Slammer: (Jonny) Percussion
A One Man Crowd Called Gentile: (Andy) Bass

(Post-December, 1998):

Albino Priest: (Phil) Decks and samples
A One Man Crowd Called Gentile: (Andy) Bass
The Slammer: (Jonny) Percussion
The Many Tentacles: (Martin) Keyboards and engineering

How To Operate With a Blown Mind

1. Warming Up The Brain Farm
2. Kool Roc Bass
3. Kasparov's Revenge
4. Blisters On My Brain
5. How To Operate With A Blown Mind
6. I Used To Fall In Love
7. Battle Flag
8. Lazer Sheep Dip Funk
9. Will I Get Out Of Jail?
10. Vision Incision
11. Nightime Story

On The Floor At The Boutique Mixed By Lo Fidelity Allstars

0. Lo Fidelity Allstars, "You're Never Alone With a Clone"
1. Black Street Featuring Dr. Dre, "No Diggity"
2. Indian Ropeman, "Stand Clear"
3. Trouble Funk, "Pump Me Up"
4. Boogie Down Productions, "You Must Learn" (Live From Cactus Mountain Remix)
5. Runaways, "Levitation"
6. Dirt, "Raw Element"
7. Super_Collider, "Darn (Cold Way O' Lovin)"
8. Wild Style Bob Nimble, "What Is It?"
9. Jungle Brothers, "Black Is Black" (Ultimatum Mix)
10. Les Rhythm Digitales, "(Hey You) What's That Sound?"
11. Space Raiders, "(I Need The) Disko Doktor"
12. Humanoid, "Stakker Humanoid"
13. Silver Bullet, "20 Seconds To Comply"
14. Armand Van Helden, "Funk Phenomena (JohnNickennyDope Mastermix)"
15. Jackson and His Computer Band, "Makin' It Happen"
16. Lo Fidelity Allstars, "Many Tentacles Pimping On The Keys"
17. Feelgood Factor, "The Whole Church Should Get Drunk"
18. Felice Taylor, "I Can Feel Your Love"
19. The Tams, "Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy"
20. Prodigy, "Out Of Space"
21. Lo Fidelity Allstars, "Bootsy Call"


(All of these were released on Skint records.)

How To Operate With A Blown Mind (BRASSIC 8)
On the floor at The Boutique with LFA (BRASSIC 16)
Don't be afraid of Love (BRASSIC 22)

Singles and 12"s
Kool Rok Bass (Skint 24)
Disco Machine Gun (Skint 30)
Vision Incision (Skint 33)
Battleflag (Skint 38)
Lo Fis In Ibiza (Skint 72)
Ghostmutt EP (Allstar 1)
Sleeping Faster (Skint 75)

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