Stakker Humanoid is actually the title of the famous track by Brian Dougans using the alias Humanoid, not the other way 'round. Brian also had many other releases as Humanoid before he went on to become a part of FSOL.

The track was originally featured on Global LP, the first record by Dougans under the Humanoid pseudonym released in 1988. On the album it is titled "Humanoid", but it was renamed to "Stakker Humanoid" on the single released later that year. On the original British 7" it was actually misspelled "Stakker Humanoi".
Far from traditional acid house, the tune became a cult classic and even reached no.17 on the UK charts. It was re-relased in 1992 with a bunch of new remixes, and earned an another visit to Top 40.

To put it short, Stakker Humanoid is one of the most definitive classics of electronic music. It does sound a bit dated today - the mixing and syncing isn't very polished - but still manages to kick ass with its nasty sound better than a dozen Darudes combined. IMHO.

And if you still don't believe me about the artist name actually being "Humanoid", ask Sakke for a scan of the original 12".

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