As part of my nightly route on the way home from work, I stop by the "Quick Stop" on the way home and grab a bagel with cream cheese and turkey. Last night should have been like any other night, but I while wandering by the magazine rack while my bagel was heating in the microwave I chanced to spy the cover of some teen-bop tiger-dupe type girls magazine. This is what it said next to a picture of five boys dressed in leather posed like primped little puppets:

hug crazy?

I know little girls would sleep better with this little delusion, but lets face reality, N'Sync might be fuck crazy, but I highly doubt they live to give hugs to 13 year old bippies. Why does anyone become a "rock star"? To fuck and do drugs; it's just a grisly fact of life.

Almost to further illustrate my point, as I was entering the 24 hour cafe down the street from the "Quick Stop", I had to step over a junkie having seizures on the sidewalk. Life doesnt always smell like roses; tricking our children into having a candy glazed view of reality makes them soft, stupid and easy targets.

It would be wonderful if everyone could have a "nice" childhood, but you don't have to be tricked and lied to all the time in order to have a healthy and happy life.
Do your children a favor, take an axe to the TV and don't let them anywhere near a magazine rack.
"A bagel with cream cheese", okay... but... "and turkey"?! And then you heated it up?! In a microwave?!

I'd rather not rush to judgement, but it is beginning to seem as if there are worse problems going on here than just some retarded boy-band consumer-culture nonsense.

I'd agree with the rest of your writeup, if I could just get past the bagel thing. Baked goods in a microwave?! Dear God...

Listen, people, taking an axe to the TV is a crucial first step, but the microwave's gotta be next, even before you start avoiding magazine racks. If you teach your kids to put bagels in microwaves, I will not be responsible for the consequences.

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