My little boy is 4 foot, 3 inches tall, and he eats too much candy.

Sometimes, later, when the sky is clear, he'll sneak upstairs past his sleeping parents and look out and up. He will put his eye to the lens of a telescope and peer upwards. There are other worlds than these. He will sit there for hours and notice the time only by the movement of the stars.

Curiouser, he pushes his eye closer to the lens, hoping to see just a little more.

It's the same thing every night. He wants it. He needs it.

He's demanding. Oh, boy is he demanding. He's there, yelling "Look at me, listen to me, talk to me. Pay attention to me now".

He's selfish. He knows what you are doing might be important, but he is more important, and he expects you to make it quite clear that you know that.

He's sneaky. He hides his demands behind shows of affection so you won't yell at him when he distracts you.

He's spiteful. If he doesn't get his way, he'll get his own back, sooner or later.

He's easily hurt, but you can kiss it all better. He only does these things because he needs the attention, to feel special and wonderful and essential.

If he gets what he wants, he's a little angel, and he'll do anything for you.

And, sometimes, he's uncontrollable.

In fact, he's almost identical to the little girl who's hiding inside every woman. Except he's louder. On the other hand, he doesn't stamp his feet as often.

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