A privately owned Canadian distributor and manufacturer of electronic products. It originally started by selling electronic components and radio products but has since diversified into many different segments of electronics. I think their "corporate profile" says it best (and is completely buzzword compliant):
The Lenbrook Group of Companies is a privately owned Canadian corporation headquartered in Pickering, Ontario. Formed in 1978, it started as a national distributor of electronic components, audio and two-way radio products. Since then, the company diversified further, launched a vertical integration strategy and increased its core competencies. Now a mid-sized company, Lenbrook delivers a sustained sales revenue growth and a growing portfolio of assets, a result of the company's successful and increasing involvement in technology and specialty brand development activities.

(From http://www.lenbrook.com/profile.htm)

Lenbrook-owned brands and Lenbrook-developed technologies include:

Lenbrook Group
633 Granite Court, Pickering, Ontario

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