Electronics mass-marketed to the consumer. This group includes companies like Sony and Kenwood. Consumer electronics are usually priced lower than professional or high-end electronics, with the exception of Bose, who markets some of the cheapest-made&speakers for exorbitant prices.

Electronic devices targeted to consumers, usually of an inferior standard and with restrictions in use or availability (such as DVD zones for instance).

They are mostly mass produced, comes with a warranty ranging from a year up to three years (in some cases more, depending on after which time the product has been known to fail or break).

Judging from the marketing departments of respective company, each new consumer electronic device, seems to be "the fastest, best sounding, best looking, best in test, best whatever... (in our line of products, but we don't need to mention that, do we?).

See: junk, C-3PO, Compaq.

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