Aliens from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. They come from Planet 10 by way of (you guessed it) the 8th Dimension. The leader of the evil Red Lectroids is Lord John Whorfin (John Lithgow and the leader of the non-evil Black Lectroids is John Emdall (Rosalind Cash). The reason Black Lectroids speak and look like Jamaican Rastafarians won't fit in this margin. The Red Lectroids control Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, home of the Truncheon Bomber.

An endearing term for a graduate student, usually going for a Piled High and Deeper, who has been conned into "helping" their advisor by lecturing "a few" sessions of a class, without really knowing what they're talking about, and so end up either going by their advisor's shitty lecture notes or rambling about their thesis for three hours a week.

Thankfully, at my university's CS department there's only one or two professors who engage in such lectroid abuse, but given the size of the department that amounts to a good 8-10%. At least they keep it to a minimum, though when I took CS272 I actually thought the lectroid was the professor. (Incidentally, this professor is also probably the worst culprit of research assistant abuse in other areas as well.)

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