A comic strip about graduate student life started by Stanford Mechanical Engineering student Jorge Cham, and starring quasi-fictional grad students Cecilia, Tajel, and Slackerney. The strip debuted in The Stanford Daily in 1997 and is now entering its sixth year of publication. Recently, Cham has come out with a collection of the first five years of strips and the strip has been picked up by other papers around the nation.


As we have the truth on what PhD really does stand for, (being as that was the original topic of this node), a list of the acronyms preceeding PhD are seemingly in order. As written by my dad's chem professor (in the corner of the chalkboard) in his premed days:

B.S. Bull Shit
M.S. More Shit
Ph.D. Piled Higher and Deeper

This was on the first day of class. Can you believe this guy?

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