This is a metanode for Latin expressions in law. These are generally the same for countries that practise roman oriented law, but are somewhat outdated. Key phrases are marked with an asterisk. Why do we use Latin phrases and expressions? One element is that because Latin isn't a living language, the phrases won't change meaning over time (Like in medicine). Second, these phrases have a particular meaning, and the meaning is specifically coined to each phrase. For more info, see the Roman Law node.
Contributors in italics, corrections; please /msg, don't slaughter the node.

Ad hoc * (Lometa)
Ad litem (Nordicfrost)
Ad seratim (Nordicfrost)
Ad valorem (Webster 1913)
Amicus curiae (Nordicfrost)
Arguendo (Nordicfrost)
Bona fide (Webster 1913)
Caveat emptor (Lometa)
Caveat scriptor (Tabs)
Cessio legis (Nordicfrost)
Condictio indebiti (Nordicfrost)
Contra (Webster 1913)
Corpus (Webster 1913)
Corpus delicti (Uberfetus)
Cum hoc ergo propter hoc (ShadowNode)
De facto * (cpwright)
De jure (Webster 1913)
De minimis (Nordicfrost)
De novo (Nordicfrost)
Dictium (Webster 1913)
Ejusdem generis (Nordicfrost)
Ergo * (Webster 1913)
Et al * (yurtle)
Et seq (coby)
Et ux (Nordicfrost)
Ex delicto (Nordicfrost)
Ex officio (Webster 1913)
Ex parte (Webster 1913)
Ex post facto (whizkid / Killio)
Habeas corpus (Webster 1913)
Id est (Xamot)
In absentia (baffo)
In camera (Nordicfrost)
In extremis (Lometa)
In forma pauperis (Nordicfrost)
In haec verba (Nordicfrost)
In limine (Nordicfrost)
In loco parentis (Nordicfrost)
In pari delicto (Nordicfrost)
In personam (Nordicfrost)
In propria persona (Nordicfrost)
In rem (Nordicfrost)
In solidum (Nordicfrost)
In terrorem clause (Nordicfrost)
In toto (Gelfin)
Indicia (Webster 1913)
Infra (Webster 1913)
Innuendo (Webster 1913)
Inter alia (greeze)
Inter arma silent leges (Nordicfrost)
Inter se (Nordicfrost)
Inter vivos (Nordicfrost)
Inter vivos trust (Nordicfrost) (Not a Latin phrase, strictly)
Ipse dixit (Nordicfrost)
Ipso facto (jesler)
Jurat (Webster 1913)
Juris doctor (Nordicfrost)
Lex specialis derogat lex generalis * (Rollo) More commonly: Lex specialis
Lex posterior derogat lex prior * (Rollo) More commonly: Lex posterior
Lis pendens (Nordicfrost)
Locus (Nordicfrost)
Magna carta (Webster 1913 / Pseudo_Intellectual)
Malum in se (Nordicfrost)
Malum prohibitum (Nordicfrost)
Modus operandi (jesler)
Nemo iudex in causa sua (whizkid)
Nil (Webster 1913)
Non compos mentis * (Webster 1913)
Non obstante veredicto (Nordicfrost)
Novus actus interveniens (lj)
Nunc pro tunc (Nordicfrost)
Obiter dicta (Pts)
Parens patriae (Nordicfrost)
Per capita (nine9)
Per diem (Lometa)
Per se (Lometa)
Per stirpes (Nordicfrost)
Post hoc, ergo propter hoc (Blackavar)
Post mortem (Nordicfrost)
Prima facie (Webster 1913)
Pro bono (hoopy_frood / kamamer)
Pro forma (Lometa)
Pro hac vice (Nordicfrost)
Pro rata (Webster 1913)
Pro se (Nordicfrost)
Pro tanto (Nordicfrost)
Pro tanto (Lometa / Nordicfrost)
Quantum meruit (Nordicfrost)
Quasi (Nordicfrost)
Quasi in rem (Dogboy)
Quid pro quo (Lometa)
Quo warranto (Webster 1913)
Res (Webster 1913)
Res gestae (Nordicfrost)
Res ipsa loquitur (Nordicfrost)
Res judicata (Nordicfrost)
Scintilla (Webster 1913 / Nordicfrost)
Sine qua non (Nordicfrost)
Situs (Nordicfrost)
Stare decisis (ebbixx)
Sua sponte (roastbeef)
Sui compos (whizkid)
Supra (Webster 1913)

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