A rather horrible movie. Used as MST3K episode #706 (Final Comedy Central era episode). I have not seen the MST3K episode, I only recently saw the actual movie.

Picture, if you will, the quiet desert of... well, some state with a desert in it. In this state, nobody wears shirts. Plus, random aliens come down unnanounced and blow apart people who resemble the Incredible Hulk, but with arm-mouned laser cannons. Which leads us to our hero, Billy... Billy something. He loves his shirtless life, all except for his mom leaving for Alcapulco, the cops pulling him over for the crime of looking like Mark Hamill, some kid in a Generic Brand Car and his overly nerdy (as in the 70's definition, not the geek community definition) friend conveniently named 'Froggie', and Colnel 'Hush-Hush', grandfather or father or something to his girlfriend, Cathy. Aren't all 70's girlfriends named Cathy?

Anyhoo, Billy gets depressed and wanders out into the desert where a glass Coke bottle explodes and he finds an arm-mounted laser cannon. After flailing around like a gimp, he finds a hand grenade on a chain, assumes it's a necklace, and finds out that it apparently powers this cannon. He has giddy fun blowing up cacti before calling it a day.

Late the next night, after a successful day of poolside sleeping at a pool party with all his shirtless friends, he puts on the hand grenade and turns into the Incredible Hulk. Instead of tearing apart things with his bare hands, he prefers blowing them away with the aforementioned arm-mounted laser cannon. And so he blows up a car.

The cops soon get wind of this, but they think nothing of it, because hey, it's just a car blowing up. Despite Froggie's constant insisting that it wasn't lightning, more like "a solid ball of color", nobody gives a crap about it, and life goes on.

Soon, Billy's transformations into the Incredible Hulk get more and more frequent, much like the pot hits that Officer Skinny was taking in the movie. Some metallic growth forms in his chest, but rather than explain it, the director decides to show us more cars exploding, giving the title of the movie a fitting place. And we see cars exploding. And if the cars are too exploded, we see everything else explode, until the aliens come back and shoot Billy with some weirdass ray that causes him to lose the arm-mounted laser cannon, the hand grenade, the growth, and the rest of his acting career as Mark Hamill's stunt double. Joe 'Mr. Big' Evil (You know him, don't you?) comes by with Cathy, Billy's apparently dead, and the world is a happier place.

Review actually by me.

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