Yes, there was a time when Coke came in this form.
Prior to the early 80s there were many places you could go to find Coke in small, glass bottles. (They looked slightly green when you held them up to the light)

I went to a pool hall in Cameron Louisiana about 1984 or so and they had an old cooler full of them.
They seemed to be more carbonated and sweeter than Coke in cans.
Probably my imagination.

The pool hall was at the end of a long stretch of confusing directions- take state hwy X- to side road, to gravel road to oyster shell parking lot. (It crunches under your tires like breaking cups, but your tires are OK). It was an old doublewide wrapped in shrimp nets and Christmas lights. The hall was at the edge of a little piece of water that you could call a swamp, or a bayou, depending on your mood at the time. The water behind the hall was generally pale and still. My whole time in Louisiana it seemed there were small bodies of water behind, in front of or near everything. I always had the sense of just pulling my feet out of an unseen puddle.

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