According to those wacky Latvians, Laimes Mate is the ruler of human fate, mentioned frequently together with Dievs in connection with the process of creation. She is part of a divine trinity with Deklas Mate and Karta (Kartes Mate).

Although Laima foretells Man's destiny at the moment of his birth, she does not control his life. She determines the moment of a person's death (prospective moment, as this may change with circumstances), sometimes even arguing about it with Dievs. However, the decision is not Laimas' alone, as it must be decided with the other two of her trinity.

Laima determines whether a person's life will be short or long, difficult or not so difficult, fun or not fun. She dresses in white and carries brushwood and a broom, which she uses somehow to save people from drowning.

Legend says nothing should ever be handed over the threshold of a house, or Laima will be disturbed! Who knows why.

Laima is sometimes portrayed as multiple spirits instead of one entity.

After baptisms, Laimas' name may be invoked to ensure the health of the child.

The symbol of Laimas Mate is the pine needle (skuja). This once symbolized a feather, or birds. Among others, one of the ancient beliefs was that at death, the soul flies away like a bird.


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