In Latvian mythology, Dievs is a complex figure; he is represented as leading the divine hierarchy. Once upon a time, Dievs was considered father to all other gods, but oral history and locally-written accounts reveal that Dievs is simply a foundation: all other gods simply represent smaller aspects of him. Dievs may be primarily subdivided into Mara and Laime, but I don't know why.

Sometimes he is depicted as the supreme god and the heavens, at other times, just a god, yo. He has an easy life. He lives on a farmstead in the heavens, called the Sky Mountain. He does not participate in farmwork. Sometimes he comes to earth to mess with the mortals and stuff.


About god "Dievs"

"Sometimes he comes to earth to mess with the mortals and stuff."

There's an explanation for that — he comes to the lands to test the mortals (usually as an old man) — how close they are to the belief of gods and to test the kindness and awe of people. For the good people who follow the belief and give the kindness to others he would reword with a blessing of other gods they belive. As example the god Laima would smile on person who was kind to him (things would start going good in everyday life) It's just an idea from reading Latvian dainas.

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