Played by John Colicos in an impressive performance, Commander Kor first appears as the ruthless Klingon military governor of the occupied planet Organia in the original series episode Errand of Mercy (TOS).

In the animated series episode Time Trap (TAS), he is now Captain Kor of the vessel Klothos. The Klothos and the USS Enterprise are trapped in the Delta Triangle and both crews must work together to escape. Despite his attempts to destroy the Enterprise, Kor claims credit for saving both ships. Here, the voice of Kor is provided by Scotty, James Doohan.

Colicos returns to the role in the Deep Space Nine episode Blood Oath (DS9). Kor, now a hundred years old, is a former history teacher and practicing drunk, reminiscing over past glories. Kor, Koloth, Kang, and Dax reuinte to seek revenge upon the Klingon known only as The Albino, who killed their firstborn children. After the Albino is slain, Kor sings a death song over the bodies of his comrades and succumbs to the wounds he sustained in battle.

Incidentally, in Blood Oath, Kor and the other Kilngons are sporting the updated Klingon makeup job, forhead ridges and all, with no explaination given.

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