A manga by Matsumoto Izumi that was later animated and ran on Japanese television in the mid-eighties. "Kimagure" means "whimsical" or "capricious". The anime was subtitled and released in America by AnimEigo, back when they were cool.

It concerns a boy in high-school named Kasuga Kyousuke, and two of his female classmates, Ayukawa Madoka and Hiyama Hikaru.

Kyousuke moves to a new town where he goes to a new school and meets Madoka, who is extremely beautiful, but has a "bad girl" reputation and is nicknamed "The Pick". She initially has no interest in Kyousuke.

Soon after, he meets Hikaru, who's a real cutie. She immediately develops a crush on Kyousuke and acts on it. There's a problem. Kyousuke really wants to be with Madoka, Hikaru wants Kyousuke, and nobody really knows what Madoka wants.

Through 48 TV episodes, four OAVs, and two movies, we follow the trio as they stumble through a difficult love triangle, and increasingly we are convinced that it cannot but end badly. The first movie shows us exactly how badly that might be.

The second movie is based on the Japanese novel that Matsumoto wrote as a follow up to his comics - it deals with the characters after the passage of time has changed them a bit. An English translation of this novel is available on the net.

KOR is beautiful, funny, tragic, heart-warming, cheesy, silly, and romantic all at once.

Oh, right. Kyousuke and his family all have psychic powers. But it's almost an afterthought, so don't let that throw you.

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