Character played by William Campbell in the science-fiction television series Star Trek.

As Captain Koloth of the I.K.S. Gr'oth, he first encountered the Federation in the episode The Trouble With Tribbles (TOS). Koloth played the role of Klingon diplomat (apparently not an oxymoron) negotiating the Organian Peace Treaty with Captain James T. Kirk onboard Space Station K-7.

He later went on to become an honored acquaintance of the Trill Curzon Dax, who called him D'akturak, or "iceman" in Klingonese, due to his tough stance during negotiations.

Finally, in the year 2370, Koloth, together with his peers Kor, Kang and Curzon's successor Jadzia Dax fulfilled a blood oath against the treacherous Klingon, Albino. Despite being over a century old, he fought valiantly, but died from his wounds, with honor.

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