Founded in 1974 by Phil and Terry Clarke, Klark Teknik is a professional audio manufacturer based in Kidderminster, England. The brothers wanted a German-sounding name for their precision equipment, hence the Ks.

The world's first digital delay and digital reverb came from the Klark Teknik laboratory. With a strong emphasis on perfect sonic quality, most products are hand made, and all are hand tested.

Klark Teknik Group includes Midas Consoles, and is part of the Telex corporation.

Products are mainly aimed at the high-end live-sound market, and include:

Graphic Equalisers

The DN360 is the staple EQ of the live sound industry. With its 3U brushed aluminium front, it is instantly recognisable.

Parametric Equalisers

As used by Bela Fleck, these can be applied inline for instrument equalisation, or as room eq. The DN9340 released in July 2002 provides graphic, dynamic and dynamic eq, along with filters in one digital box.


The DN9848 is a 4-input, 8-output digital crossover, suitable for monitors or FOH. With programmable memories, locking and PC remote control, it is suitable for installation or hire alike.

Dynamics processors

Compressors, limiters and gates all executed in analogue electronics.

Mic splitters

12 microphone inputs to 36 balanced outputs are supported in the DN1248 splitter.

Profanity Delay

For broadcast use, the DN773 profanity delay will keep your output clean.

Klark Teknik products are used in such high-profile events as BBC Radio 1's One Big Sunday, Riverdance, and various tours by Diana Ross, The Rolling Stones and AC/DC.

Product Naming

Klark Teknik produces two series of products;

  • DN series - These are 19" rack modules, and the bulk of the catalogue. The reason for the name is that the Clarke brothers saw these products as their route to ownership of a Ferrari Dino.
  • LBB series - Smaller products such as a DI box or RS-485 convertor. These come in Little Black Box format. Hence the name.

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