A town in Worcestershire, England. As far as I can tell, it has no namesake anywhere in the world.

Historically, and currently a great manufacturer of carpets, Kidderminster lies about 17 miles south-west of Birmingham, and has transport links with the M5 and M42.

Home to the West Midlands Safari Park, and a terminus of the Severn Valley Railway.

Famous residents (past and present) include:

A further claim to fame for the town is the closure of its hospital A&E unit - which led to the landslide victory of Dr. Richard Taylor in the 2000 General Election for his party: Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern.

I've been asked to add information about pubs etc... well, we took a drive through the centre of town at 10pm last Saturday night... and we saw 5 people. No word of a lie! Kidderminster may actually be duller than Lichfield AND Newcastle Under Lyme.

Update 2: I forgot to mention... we have no cinema either.

Kid"der*min`ster (?), n.

A kind of ingrain carpeting, named from the English town where formerly most of it was manufactured.


© Webster 1913.

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