Rustie Lee was a chef on UK breakfast TV station TV-AM in the early 80's. She has a very bubbly personality and her own unique brand of humour. Frequently laughing, she enjoyed her job, and made others enjoy being around her. The television studio were heard laughing uncontrollably many times when she was recording her cookery segment.

After her stint on TV-AM, she joined as a presenter on the second series of "Game for a Laugh", a British television show where she joined Jeremy Beadle, Martin Daniels, Lee Peck and Debbie Rix where they carried on with their "Candid Camera" style entertainment show, which included practical jokes and silly audience participation games. "Game for a Laugh" continued until 1985 and was produced by London Weekend Television for ITV.

She then made a fitness video called "Gentlee Does It!" for people to keep fit with gentle exercise. Lee was a larger lady from a Caribbean background.

She has also starred on stage in the musical, "The Wiz", and released a record called "Barbados".

In 1999 she was cast as "Mama Joy", a character in a "Mad Cows", a film starring Joanna Lumley and Anna Friel.

She also had a small role in a television series called "Doctors" in 2001, where she played "Joan Preston".

Once when appearing on stage at a radio road-show in Nottingham with the late Kevin Lloyd and Michelle Collins, she foolishly shouted to the crowd to donate money to charity by throwing it onto the stage. The coin throwing got out of hand. Rustie needed to be rescued, however, the officials didn't realise it as she was still laughing. Only when they heard a scream from Rustie through her deep belly laughs, did they come to her aid.

Now living in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, she is available for work as a guest speaker and special appearances.


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