"If it sounds right, it is right." Joe Meek - 1964

Joe Meek

Named in honour of Joe Meek, the legendary record producer and effects guru, Joemeek was a brand of Fletcher Electroacoustics producing professisonal audio equipment. They were based in Torquay, England. Fletcher went out of business in November 2002, but the brand was kept alive - being purchased by the Californian company PMI Audio in January 2003.

Design Principles

"I think the Joemeek could undo a lot of the negative things digital does .." Jerry Finn - Producer - Green Day, Cheap Trick, Rancid

The effects in the Joemeek range are designed specifically to avoid perfection. A perfect audio processing system should not be audible - that is, the sound passing through it should be audible, but no coloration or artifacts should be added to the sound. Unfortunately, perfect signal processing often leads to a deadness of the sound. Joemeek products are designed to purposefully colour the sound, and recreate the imperfect devices of the 1960s, but with better reliability and repeatability.

Controls are unscientific. For example, the Joemeek compressor does not allow a definite compression ratio to be set, it simply has 4 settings; each a little more compressed than the last. The reason for this is that the compression is not linear as 'perfect' units are.


At the time of writing, the Joemeek range includes the following devices; all offering the warmth of the Joemeek sound:


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