XTA is a professional audio manufacturer based in Stourport on Severn in Worcestershire, England. The company was formed in 1992 when Andrew Grayland and John Austin left Klark Teknik, just a couple of miles down the road in Kidderminster to start their own company.

The men's dream was to create digital devices when much of the world was still running analogue - they saw that the future lay with DSP.


Despite their detractors at the time, they have proven to have been right, as more of the world goes digital - and XTA have a significant share of the market place. They now produce equipment used by the likes of Bob Geldof, Basement Jaxx, Bob Dylan and Kylie Minogue.


The product line includes delay and equaliser products in the DP100 and 200 range. Then there are the DP224 and DP226 loudspeaker management systems, incorporating crossover and equalisation. Microphone and line splitters appear in the DS800 range, and GQ600 is a standard 30-band graphic equaliser.

The flagship product at the time of writing is the DP324 SiDD Digital Dynamics processor incorporating EQ, compressor, gate (with look ahead), expander, filters and a dynamic equaliser.

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