In the early 80's, Kim Wilde was yet another in a long string of "one-hit wonders." Written by Kim's brothers, Ricky and Marty Wilde, this song launched her career, and was her only real claim to fame, rising to number 2 in the UK in 1981 but only breaking into the top 30 in the US the following year. Disturbingly low for something that has been more recently considered an anthem of kids for that decade. Kim went on to score a few more hits during the 80's, but only one broke the top 20 in the US.
Kids in America has been covered by a number of bands, including Bloodhound Gang, Pennywise, Len, and The Muffs, many of which were used for movies, like Clueless, Digimon, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Kids in America
(Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde)

Looking out a dirty old window
Down below the cars in the
City go rushing by
I sit here alone
And I wonder why

Friday night and everyone's moving
I can fell the heat
But it's shooting
Heading down
I search for the beat in this dirty town

Down town the young ones are going
Down town the young ones are growing

Chorus :

We're the kids in America (x 2)
Everybody live for the music-go-round

Bright lights the music gets faster
Look boy, don't check on your watch
Not another glance
I'm not leaving now, honey not a chance

Hot-shot, give me no problems
Much later baby you'll be saying never mind
You know life is cruel, life is never kind

Kind hearts don't make a new story
Kind hearts don't grab any glory


Come closer, honey that's better
Got to get a brand new experience
Feeling right
Oh don't try to stop baby
Hold me tight

Outside a new day is dawning
Outside Sububia's sprawling everywhere
I don't want to go baby
New York to East California
There's a new wave coming I warn you


We're the kids
We're the kids
We're the kids in America

Sources: Kim Wilde's Official Website (
And hours of VH1

Lyrics word count = 203

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