In an effort to widen my musical horizons, I added my neighbours pretty large collection of assorted music to my playlist. After listening for a while, this really weird punk-like music started playing. It turned out to be Toy Dolls, probably the most atypical case of English punk band I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Toy Dolls were formed back in 1979, when punk was still punk, and it was all about anarchism and politics and anger and rebellion. Toy Dolls throw away all those things, and sing about such things as a spider giving the singer a fright as he's dressing, and the intelligent elephant Nellie that runs away from her Circus to live in the jungle.

The band is known for making parodical covers of popular songs, like "Kids in Tyne and Wear", and usually wear square sunglasses on stage. They've released maybe 15 or so albums, and are still going on, though with only one of the original members, guitarist Michael "Olga" Algar.

Having so far only listened to parts of their first album, I can't say I'm an expert on them. But I know two things; Toy Dolls are all about fun, and I like it (yes I do). This stuff is worth a listen, though it was a completely unexpected combo I'd never thought I'd hear before my random skipping in my neighbours playlist started feeding me it.

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