Acronym for "Killed In Action", used by the military to label one of the ways that you can exit the service.

Also an underpowered, cheap car made in Korea.

The Kia Motors Corp was recently purchased by Hyundai Motors and will most likely be used as a 'cheaper' Hyundai line for a few years (Think Dodge vs. Plymouth) before the line is fully integrated into Hyundai Motors' offering.

As of now, the only immediate changes have been that all the engines in the Kia passenger cars have been replaced with engines with those used in comparable Hyundai models.

Among Kia's more notable features is it's 10 year Long Haul Warranty Powertrain warranty. The North-American Kia line as of mid-2002 is:

In martial arts, a short spirited yell with several functions.

1. It scares the hell out of your opponent. Whether it terrifies them into running away or just causes them to flinch, the kia is an effective psychological weapon.

2. It gives you an adrenaline rush. Adrenaline is a good thing to have in a fight and screaming seems to stimulate those tiny endocrine glands quite nicely.

3. It gives your strikes more power. I'm not sure how much I beleive this one, but it has been said that the force of yoru diaphragm rapidly contracting adds to the force of your strike.

The kia is often mispronounced, "hy-ya!" Whichever you like, although using hy-ya tends to make you look ignorant.

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