"Kent Montana and the Really Ugly Thing From Mars" is the fifth novel by Lionel Fenn, and the first in the Kent Montana series.

Kent Montana is a Scottish baron who's recently been fired from his job on a soap opera, playing an English butler better than the rest of the cast played their parts, and is currently in New Jersey, considering the death of his acting career, when a Martian spacecraft crashes in the mountains above Gander (the town) and begins destroying everything.

It is up to the army, a Chinese chef, a little girl and her dog, the church, the government, and finally our hero Kent to annihilate the alien beast and bring peace to the world, and death to a rather obnoxious amount of B-movie cliches.

If you like old sci-fi/horror B-movies, or if you actually appreciated Mars Attacks, you'll likely find these books highly amusing.

If you have a low tolerance for puns, melodrama, and satire, you probably won't get very far with these. Not to mention how they violate many rules of English sentence structure on a fairly common basis.

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