Many of the sculpted images of the Japanese Kannon (at least the ones placed in the tourist-accessible areas where i tended to see them..) seem to tend to follow a form that would have 11 faces (each for a different expression) and a thousand arms. The 11 faces are usually done in the statues by drawing one normal head and poking ten other heads up above that in a weird little cluster. Sculptors manage to get around having to actually sculpt a thousand arms by the nifty little buddhist loophole of claiming that each arm has the power to save across 40 worlds, or exists in 40 worlds at once, or something, and therefore they only have to actually sculpt 25 arms. Often each arm holds a different object, supposedly something that Kannon is using to aid herself in her missions of mercy, but since these objects tend to have absolutely nothing to do with anything they probably are just there so the sculptor can show off his/her skill.

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