I was stoned when my parents came home today. I don't live with them anymore, so I've developed a few bad habits when it comes to being discreet about smoking. After frantically hiding my piece and stash, I tried to assume a relaxed position on the couch, my laptop in front of me. After an uneventful greeting and a brief discussion of their work-day, my parents sat down at the dinner table and had a quiet meal. I stayed on the couch and read a few nodes.

Once they had finished their meals, my parents joined me in the living room. I hardly noticed their migration; I was lost in the stories of Eduardo Macpherson, a character created (I'm assuming) by sam512. Intrigued by my silence (I'm usually quite a loud person), my parents asked me what I was doing on the computer.

"Reading," I said, unassumingly.
"Reading what?" They pondered.
"Nothing in particular," I replied, honestly.

I then contemplated introducing my parents to Everything2. I concluded that this was probably a bad idea. If they knew I had an account on this site, they would read some of the stuff I've written. I would rather they not do this. But what if they already had? What if they had accounts of their own? My dad does spend an awful lot of time in front of the computer....

I started to panic. Anxiously, I looked through the list of Other Users. What would my father call himself on this site? Which persona would he assume? Would he be the deviantly witty coder known only as Swap? Perhaps he was gentle BookReader in disguise. Maybe Dimview? raincomplex? E2D2?!?!

Maybe he was ALL of them, maybe the entire site was just an elaborate scheme to make me reveal my deepest and darkest secrets so my parents could sneakily control every aspect of my life! This is it, I thought. The game is up. The hidden cameras are about to come out. I'm about to be disowned by my parents for being a drug addict. Fuck my life, fuck my life, FUCK MY LIFE!

"What's wrong?" My mother is sitting across the room, reading the May edition of JAMA. She seems to have noticed my anxiety.

"It's nothing, I'm just a bit st-...sleepy." I rub my eyes and walk out of the room. I looked back at the living room before turning the corner into the foyer, and for a split second, I could've sworn my parents looked at each other knowingly and smiled.

Since June 5, 2009, things have been looking up. This last weekend, in particular, has been kickass. I work four ten-hour shifts, Monday through Thursday, so my weekend lasts a bit longer. And that means it has more time to develop into something wonderful. It has.

Thursday night, I went out with a friend. We'd had it marked out for a few days, not knowing Michael Jackson would die that day. We hit Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro, the local brewpub that kicks ass in eight different ways at a bare minimum. Listened to some jam band while enjoying their ESB, then headed to the bar area. Some Thriller zombies informed of us the plot of the evening - 11pm, two blocks up from where we were, be there. Some more beers were had and my friend chatted philosophical stuff with some random person. Went to another bar, then headed back to BBB&B to get a last beer before the dance. No dice on the beer - their Amarillo pale ale was gone and that's what I was after. Then we heard it: There was a stampede leaving the area, hundreds of people rushing to the dance. The intersection was blocked off, the cops were friendly (even with open containers everywhere and no permit on the event), the crowd was rambunctious and the dance was pulled off perfectly. After wandering through the crowd some more, we decided on some food and one last beer, then decided to find our ways home. There was some luck - a kiss.

Friday was bottling day! We bottled up the Weizen I'll be taking to HOT DAMN 6! Westward HO, as well as the remainder of the apple cider. Cooked some food, drank some beer, was generally lazy until a couple of friends from Seattle arrived. We talked til the night wore us down.

We got up and went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Grabbed some Erin Baker's Granola, some decent Greek food, a truffle (not at the market), had another beer at Boundary Bay, and ice cream at Mallard Ice Cream. Bellingham has a wonderful food selection. We wandered around a lot, before heading home and making some teriyaki dinner. They left, I meandered about and had a relaxing evening.

Today I drag raced. No, not the car type, the type where you race while in drag. On bikes. Turns out riding in a skirt is a total pain in the ass. The far edges get all stuck in the brakes and it kinda gets torn up. Mixte and stepthrough frames exist for a reason, too, but I was not lucky enough to have one. Later, I'm going to cook dinner and drink beer with a friend.

And all the while, there've been DOGS EVERYWHERE. Adorable puppies, silly teenager dogs, and grayhaired gentle giants. I loves me some dogs.

So maybe it was a little mundane, but I am genuinely happy about how this weekend has went. I feel less stressed, more relaxed, and glad that it has all went down as such. And I'm going to HOT DAMN 6 next weekend. How could I not be looking forward to that?

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