They tried to get me to leave my room that evening, but I did not want to go. Talk of parties and drinking left me feeling cold that night, and I just wanted to stay inside with some popcorn, my books, and my computer.

But, they just kept pushing at me to go.

All the cute guys will be there!”, they said.

It had no effect on me because I was not interested in the cute guys.

I did not like the cute guys. The cute guys were the ones in my classes who snickered when I walked in wet from the rain in my combat boots. They were the ones wearing fraternity sweatshirts and brown boots. They drove the cars that nearly ran me over when I rode my bike around town.

“The cute guys are not cute,” I insisted, but they did not listen.

So, I went with them.

I went to the party with those cute guys, and stood silent in the corner watching them all flirting and silly. Everyone held a cup in their hand, including me. I stood and watched them pair off, and sipped from my cup until my head was filled with fuzz.

One of the cute guys approached me then, and smiled at me. He asked my name, and I told him.

“Don’t you want to know my name?”, he asked.

“Not particularly,” I replied.

He looked hurt, but stood there anyway, and watched everyone with me. Eventually, he left. I didn’t care. I did not like the cute guys.

We left the party late, and everyone but me was excited like children on Christmas. They spoke of phone numbers scribbled on napkins and leaving the party briefly for a make-out session with a cute boy. I just stared at nothing and kept up with them.

Finally, someone asked me if I had met anyone.

“No, I didn’t.”, I replied.

”Why not?”

”Because you said all the cute guys will be there. I saw only ugly boys.”

rescued by The Nodeshell Rescue Team

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