Notes from the Surf

Some French guy's laptop
A bit more advanced than what's available in my village.

Pringles advertising
The greatest writers of my generation want me to buy snacks.

I want to be an engineer...
Sadly prophetic.

Firefighters Battle Blaze At Own Fire Station
At least it didn't take them very long to get there.

Address of the International Working Men's Association to Abraham Lincoln
Somewhat interesting to see Marx and his allies interacting with Lincoln's administration, but nothing too exciting.

Wall Street Sets Campaign on ‘Populist Overreaction’
“The foot power of the private client group has proven to be effective in blunting populist messages in the past,” said board member Paul Purcell...

How the BBC Produces a Psychosis (depending on the situation)
What stands out to me is the deep contrast between the way Western media report on anti-government activity and rioting in “axis of evil” countries versus the same kind of activity in the West.

UK: After 30 other sites defy pro-capitalist law and join the 900 employees in supporting the original 51, all union member demands met
"The anti-trade union laws were brushed aside by the determined strike action and the solidarity. This was the third time, this year, that engineering construction workers have taken illegal action."

Peruvian regime forced to retreat on "free" trade after Massacre of Bagua destabilizes government
"...eyewitnesses told of police burning the bodies of slain protesters and placing them in black bags and dumping them in the river... With the majority of Peruvians blaming the government for the massacre of Bagua, the police were in no position to intervene. Under these conditions, the use of force would have provoked a nationwide conflict that could potentially have brought down the government."

South Korea: Plant occupied by employees preparing for self-defense.
"The Lee government, elected in December 2007 on a program of high economic growth and now discredited by the world crisis, has been taken aback by the depth of outrage revealed in demonstrations mobilizing up to 1 million people. After the unleashing of riot police provoked further outrage and brought more people to the streets, the government is unwilling to risk further disenchantment by an assault on the Pyeongtaek factory."

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