Last night a guy from my school was taken from us at the age of 18. I didn't know him very well, but his family was good friends with a family I am good friends with. His death is another reminder of how much we are all mere specks on The Great Timeline. I don't belong where I have been at uni, something I've known since I started there. I'm moving on now, I shan't say to find my place in this world, but rather that I have found it, or at least where it goes. If it's not there already, it's about to be.

E2 was largely responsible for helping me realise the time had come for me to get on with what I came here for, and I'm very grateful to you all. I shall be sticking around if I can. To quote Woody, "We're all still here! I... I mean, yeah, we've lost friends along the way... Wheezy... and Etch..." After being laid off at work, I shall be seeking another source of monies. A company on the other side of town nearly offered me a position, but getting there each day from where I live is not feasible. Over the next few days I shall endeavour to finish the short fiction piece I've had on ice since exams started. Unis start back next week, and Supertafe still haven't got all their results out yet, not that I care a lot about that any more anyway.

I apparently have depression, and the Looney Squad will probably eventually catch up with me. Hereditary wisdom teeth problems have finally decided to render me somewhat less talkative and able to eat for a while. Let the fun I've been having so far this holidays continue...


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