I'm counting down the days until return. There's one payday left to go. It's about fucking time, that it is. Next comes the incessant harping about safety, threats of dire punishment for drunk driving, public captain's mast for those who vomit on others due to excess liquor and the presentations from the Fleet and Family Support Center. Basic "don't beat your wife" stuff, which I'm embarrassed to say, is probably necessary for a lot of folks.

Of course, the standdown will be short, then we spool up for the mother of all inspections with a few inspections-from-merely-heck in the meantime. But there are upsides. I'm going to Midwest Fur-Fest in November, and come December, I might be heading up to Boston to see some family that I haven't seen in 13 years. So, there are silver linings.

Anyway, I'm off to seize what's left of the day!

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