Jokamel is an allegorical piece that appeared on Comedy Central's TV Funhouse, making references to both Joe Camel and the Pokemon Merchandising Empire It takes the form of a commercial for a product called Jokamel.

I almost died from a ruptured lung when I saw it, due to extreme involuntary contractions of the diaphragm.

The Jokamel product is essentially the pokemon cartoons and everything that comes with them, except, in place of a pikachu, it's a stylized Joe Camel with a ridiculously large head. He attacks by elongating his nose, and then flying at his target with the erectolfactoryorgan.

Jokamel also has sidekicks. Janekamel, who's nose resembles a yoni instead of a phallus, attacks by engulfing her victim from above and Assigor, a big blue pair of buttcheeks with arms, that floats and radiates red attack waves and says, "ASSIGOR!".

The jokamel commercial introduces the characters and then goes on to show a shitload of products based on the jokamel universe. "Jokamel - pet his nose and he sneezes!" (A child is shown touching Jokamels nose, and white fluid shoots out). "Assigor lunchbox! Janekamel pencil sharpener! And much, much more!" At this point a large collection of stuff flashes across the screen, interspersed with brief, subliminal glimpes of actual camel packs and other J.R. Reynolds propaganda.

There's also a part in which Jokamel fights a creature called Satisfaktor which looks just like a cigarette. He jumps up, grabs it in his mouth, and sucks it down to the butt. "Look! Jokamel is sucking Satisfaktor's power!" At this point, Jokamel exhales a huge cloud of smoke at his other enemies and they flee.

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