Ahhh, Diggers, as he is referred to by fans and friends, is one of a few British techno DJs who have over the past few years expanded overseas. Digweed spins trance, deep trance, house or any number of different techno varieties, depending on how you decide to split hairs in that particular realm. He is usually seen in the company of his "mate", Sasha. (You might have seen the two of them advertised as Sasha and Digweed). For good examples of his work, of course, check Napster, but buy the Global Underground Hong Kong CD for an excellent example of his work.
Other good CDs from either just Digweed or "Sasha and":

See also just Digweed.
What is remarkable about Digweed is that he has the ability to fluidly drop the listener from high transcendence into a rolling, deep rooted groove.

Renaissance 2 CD3 is one of John Digweed's best sets. I bought this cd back in 1996 and still listening to it regularly.
Digweed began DJ-ing when he was 13 and started hosting Bedrock events in his native Hastings, UK over 10 years ago (it moved to London in 1999). Sasha and Digweed frequently spin together, and the result is quite complementary. They met while Sasha was resident at Renaissance in the UK.

John is actually a nice guy. His principal residency is in London at Heaven-- on or about the first Thursday of the month he spins a three hour set for an outstanding crowd at Bedrock (his record label and album are named for it). Many nights he can be seen downstairs before his set talking with (common!) guests and giving out free drink and admission tickets. You have to respect famous people who don't insulate themselves.

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