Jim Fixx published The Complete Book of Running in 1977. During his relatively short life, he had run 20 marathons. Fixx died on July 20, 1984 shortly after starting a jog near the Hardwick, Vermont area (apparently one of his favorite places to run). Hardwick residents, starved for anything approaching an historical attraction, erected a monument fifty feet north of the Village Motel on US 15 where a passing motorcyclist found Fixx's lifeless body.

As a small correction to the poster above, Fixx did consult a doctor. Two days before his run his doctor pronounced him healthy, with a good HDL/LDL ratio and 11% body fat. However, he was scheduled later that week for a treadmill exam which would have detected advanced stages of arteriosclerosis. Fixx's autopsy showed he had suffered three heart attacks within weeks of his death and three of his coronary arteries had between 70% and 99% blockage.

While some like to point out the irony of his death or float it as a canard that when yer number is up it's up so stuff another cheese steak in your mouth and don't fuss none, Fixx actually died of a genetic heart condition, a condition which his father died of at the age of 43. Some might argue that Fixx's running bought him an extra decade of life

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