He was stooped over, tying his shoes. A truck outlined itself in the distance, trailed by swift flashing sneakers with their glimmering white capturing the verdant green of the expansive lawn. He kicked off his left shoe and his sock-clad foot swaddled itself in the bristly grass stalks. It was here that his portly frame staked its claim. It was at this very crossroads of layered concrete and lush pasture that he awaited the arrival of her highness, her sleek stature vaulting into his field of vision, her maroon tresses adding a glossy sheen to a more murky brown of the thick tree trunk that she whirled past before finally stopping directly in front of him. He heard her uttering, "Yes, I accept your proposal."

The folds of her blue-green shirt seemed to intermingle with the gurgling lake whose eddies gathered into knotty lumps before unraveling into thin, vaporous threads of the fabric that enveloped her quivering belly, surging with her breath. It was his own breath he felt spread in cool jets over his gums as he came to. Ensconced in a swampy mattress whose sticky fingers gently tugged at him, he felt himself rising up as his muscles twitched, but the ooze kept him glued in place. The hospital stay would be brief. Just a few more days and he would see her again. He would embrace her and his affection would acquire a solid character; cast she would be in a form concrete, and not diffused like a gossamer shroud over lakes, grasses, and skies.

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