It's a beautiful spring day. Two familiar business men walk down a busy street. The shorter man speaks.

"My sister and her family visited the other day."

"The short sister or the fat sister?"

"The fat sister. Anyway, her kids are at that age where everything is apparently just so interesting,"

"I hate that stage. I always have to call a maid to get all the grubby handprints off."

"I know exactly what you mean. But when I was watching them I couldn't help but remember my own days as a snot nosed kid."

"You mean how much it sucked?"

"Not that. I mean, do you remember how much dumb stuff meant back in the day?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well like the Pet Rock. I remember begging my dad to get me one. And I wrote a letter to Santa every single day until Christmas."

"Oh gosh, I remember those. I always thought they were stupid. Did you ever end up getting one?"

"Nope. Christmas came and Santa gave me knitted socks."

"Socks were the worst weren't they? Kids are stupid."

"They are indeed. But what about an Atari? Did you ever have one of those?"

"Yes I did! I remember spending hours and hours playing those stupid games. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!"

"Exactly! My point is that we just don't get excited anymore. Last week I bought a new Mercedes and my sister's kids were having the time of their lives playing with the LCD windshield."

"Did they break anything?"

"No but that's not the point! Why wasn't I excited? It's not as if I had ever seen one before either. When the kids were playing with it I realized how amazing and different and new it was."

"Then did you join the kids and get all excited?"

"Well no of course not. How would it look if a grown man like me acted like a kid?"

"Oh really? So I guess you haven't been driving around with the night-vision on? Hmmm?"

"Well what about you? I notice you finally traded in the Blackberry for an iPhone."

"And your point is?"

"I know you've been playing Angry Birds in all your spare time at the office."


The two men walked a little further.

"You know, I think I still have that Atari somewhere."




"Want to come over?"


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